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I want to thank you, Jim Montrym’s National Mortgage Loan Originator School.
I took your course and did exactly what Jim Montrym’s suggested and I past my exam the
first time. I also want to thank Jim for making the course videos interestingly humorous at times!
I loved his old school (very knowledgeable), straight to the point approach. Everything just clicked.
The best investment I ever made!

Yvette Pagan Fermin

This is the best ce I have ever taken! 
Awesome the actual footage along w reading material he explains everything very well!

Jim and Andrea –

I thought your class was great.  After being in the business for such a long time, I thought it would be tough to sit through but it wasn’t.  In my opinion, we should all have to be licensed regardless of who we work for.  Your tips on what to study and when and how to take the test were spot on.  I passed yesterday with a 97 and I thank you for that.  On to the state …

Best Regards,
Debra Plourde

Florida Mortgage Broker School I have taken several courses with this school and find it to be easy to understand, up to date information. Jim keeps the training interesting and time flies by , before you know it, the time is done, and you have learned a lot. I highly recommend his school.

I continue to use Jim’s courses because he lends real-world examples to the coursework which dramatically improves the ability to apply the information we’re being taught.

Florida Mortgage Broker School I can only say I look forward to next year, I learned a lot and Jim keeps it moving with knowledge and enjoyment making it easy to enjoy.

Florida Mortgage Broker School Just an amazing course! Jim is fabulous as well as his partner.

I’ve taken Jim’s classes before, including my 20 hours in order to get my license. He always does a fantastic job. One year my manager had us use another instructor (which didn’t require a test afterwards) and it was nowhere near as engaging and thorough as Jim’s class. Needless to say, I’ll be using Jim Montrym every year going forward for my CE classes.


I go back year after year even though it is probably the most expensive of my options, because I actually get something useful from the course. The moderator is very knowledgeable and does not make sitting through the course a drudgery.

Florida Mortgage Broker School. I have attended Jim and Andrea’s class for 5 years straight now. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to do my CE.

Florida Mortgage Broker School, my overall experience was very rewarding the knowledge of your instructor Jim Montrym is a plus. Your professionalism, the way you communicate and effectively teach every class, the interaction with the students is fantastic and the willingness help and assist every student understand the importance of the entire material in class it’s a total success for any MLO.

Florida Mortgage Broker School – Jim Montrym is a fantastic instructor. He is very knowledgeable and does an excellent job of keeping you interested.

Florida Mortgage Broker School was an excellent experience. Instructor Jim Montrym and facilitator Andrea Worthington were very professional and rigorous in their training. I would strongly recommend this school to any prospect student.

Dear Andrea and Jim,
I recently completed the federal 20 hour as well as the Florida prep courses with you and I just wanted to let you know that I passed both exams with ease!
I did the 20 hour as the virtual class and am happy that’s the one I decided to go with.   It was prefect being able to sit in the comfort of my own home yet get the experience of a face to face class.  The class was informative and fun and I have recommended you guys to others!
Thank you for all that you do.
Linda Cavallo

Dear Andrea and Jim;

I would like to thank you on behalf of Yvonne and I for your courteousness and absolute professionalism while attending you mortgage brokers class.  Jim does an excellent job of teaching and entertaining with a good balance of each.  We both passed the first time we took the test.  We were mortgage lenders at one time, although the new information was, just that, NEW INFOMATION and for someone who is 66 and had a stroke I was a bit concerned regarding my ability to learn. Jim presented the information very clearly and concisely alleviating my fears.  I currently hold a:  220 insurance license, a real estate brokers license and an auctioneers license all requiring numerous classroom hours.
With all those hours I found your class to be the most enjoyable and relevant of all.
Most important, I say again; we both passed the first time.
 I have always believed there is no substitute for experience.  It is obvious you both have that covered.
Rick Oldfield

I literally shut  down for the weekend and listened again to the tapes 2 times.

I just completed the survey for you guys and gave you excellent scores!
I am so glad I went to your school!!
Lisa Daniels

I just wanted to let you know that I have passed both the National and FL State Test as of this morning. Both the National class and the FL State cram course were spot on. Everything that you said was exactly how the test went. Thank you for assisting me in this process. I will see you next year for the continuing education class!

Jason Coulter

Please pass along to Jim –

I just PTT !!! The Federal Portion –
I really felt as though I “learned’ the material through the 20 hour course as opposed to “memorized” it.
Thanks again for all the time you put forth over the weekend of September 11th, 12th, and 13th.
The material was easy to understand, the concepts to comprehend, and all in all it was a worthwhile class.
Thanks again Jim,
Wilbur “Lavelle” Dorriety

Jim and Andrea,

I took the National exam on Tuesday 9/15 and received a 95 score.  On Friday 9/18 I took the State exam and received a 98 score.
Thank you both for all of your help.  I will be sending my loan officers and processors to you in the future.  Please keep me in mind for any other courses that you offer.
Thanks again.
 Clay Collins

Took national test after your class and got a 86% then took state after only reviewing state training material for only 2 days and got a 92%! You are AMAZING! Class was great and I feel like it really helped me pass. Thank you!!!


ashley f.

from Peter DiSano 8/17/2015:
I enjoyed the class last night and I am looking forward to tonights’ class.


Sat, Jun 6, 2015 7:34:42 PM

I passed both the national and state exams! I just wanted to thank you and Jim for your assistance. I have never worked in the mortgage field before and the only schooling I had was from the Broker School. I was able to pass both tests strictly from taking your class and the cram course. I really appreciate your help. I will be sure and do my continuing education with you. Thanks again.
Chris Fulton

I am really impressed with the MLO test prep course I purchased.  I felt I was well prepared for the exam.  I took the exam yesterday and received a 90% score.  I was out of the testing center in an hour.  Thank you again for offering such a well written and comprehensive course.  I believe the video is a real contributor to my being able to learn and understand the concepts.  It helped me with retention of the study material.
Jack Benke

From Brandy Glidewell to Host (privately):

Andrea, is this the school’s first webinar? I attended Jim’s school a few months ago and he is a fun instructor and informative. I feel like I am right there but only in my own home. This is my first webinar and I like it. 🙂

From SANDRA R KRACOV to Host (privately):
You are so good……thank you………..I am enjoying this class. I went into this class with great trepidation as I never had participated in a Webinar class before but I have to tell you I am enjoying this class very much. I took my Mortgage broker’s class last year with Jim and I feel that I am right there again with him. Love the hand holding and detailed follow through for the training. Again, thank you

From SANDRA R KRACOV to Host (privately):
Absolutely…….after taking his last class, I passed the exam with a 93 score. He holds the interest of his students on what I feel is a difficult subject. He is a very good instructor.

From David Jones to Host (privately):
Great, great, great class

From Sherry Messersmith to Host (privately):
Hope you both know that as a student I can tell how much work you put into this webinar. Thank goodness I chose this one. It has been most informative and interesting to listen to Jim. He is a great instructor! Thanks to both of you!

From Bill Payne to Host (privately):
Will do for sure! You both do an AMAZING JOB and I thank you for everything. I learned and relearned more in the past 3 days than in the past 12 years! 🙂 🙂

“I just wanted to let Jim and you know that I passed the Florida Broker test last Friday. I did what Jim suggested and reviewed the sample tests and the CD’s prior to sitting for the test. I did not think that there was anything unexpected on the test and I felt well prepared.
I wanted to thank you both for the course. I will be recommending it to all. I have spoken to others who have taken other courses and their experiences were not as successful.”

Thanks again to both of you for your help.
Jon Conover

“LOL. This guy is funny! I’m loving this Class!! The Best!”

Thank you,
Roderick Smith

“Jim, I recently took your class and passed the test on the 1st try. First off, I want to thank you for an informative lesson.”

Thanks again for your help
Anthony Vetrano

“Thanks again to for being accommodating in getting the course done for us. We are 2 for 2 so far in passing the test and both said it was hard as hell.”

Jeff Reinoehl
Greatwestern Loans

“The material content definitely made it possible for me to feel prepared when I got to the exam. I found it targeted what was expected to be on the exam without a lot of fluff. I had previously taken a class on SAFE and Florida Licensing from the company named Training Pros, and I believe that your material and presentation was significantly better. I will most definitely use your school in the future when preparing to take other licensing exams. Thank you for your excellent support.”

Lynn Allison
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

“Just wanted to thank you for all the good information you taught me this past weekend at my 24 hour pre-licensing classes. I went down on Tuesday, and thanks to you, had no problem passing the state exam. Everything you highlighted and emphasized was part of the exam. I am looking forward to coming back for my national test this spring and will highly recommend you to other people I know that are going to need your services. Again, I am very grateful to you for all your knowledge that you shared this past weekend. Hope to see you soon!”

Gary Streily

“I thank you for your school. It’s the best.”

Glenda Jeter
Open Door Mortgages, Inc.


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