Tips for Preparing for and Passing the NMLS Exam

“To be prepared is half the victory.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes

The NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) exam is not an easy test. In fact, currently there is only a 62% pass rate for first time test takers. Compounding the difficulty of the exam itself, is the fact that some test takers don’t know how to properly prepare to take the test. At Jim Montrym’s National MLO School we are dedicated to producing quality test takers who will go on to become highly effective and knowledgeable brokers. That is why, in addition to our NMLS online classes, we offer the following tips on preparing for and passing the NMLS exam.

  • Take the time to study: It may sound obvious but put aside a designated time to study each day and stick to that time. Knowing the material and having the discipline to study will give you a huge advantage when you take the actual test. Online courses like ours are excellent for people who either don’t or can’t attend traditional classes where they live. NMLS Online certification is also convenient for people in these situations.
  • Read each question twice: As stated earlier, the NMLS is not an easy test. Some of the questions are quite tricky and you should not try to answer them without fully understanding what is being asked.
  • Answer every question: Remember that while any given answer that you fill in may be incorrect, a blank one is certainly
  • Use the process of elimination: Even if you are unsure as to what the correct answer is, eliminating answers that are obviously wrong will greatly improve your chances. For example, if you have four possible choices and there is one that you know is wrong eliminating it will improve your chances from one in four to one in three.
  • Be well rested: Have a full night’s rest the day before taking the test. Fatigue leads to becoming distracted and distraction can negatively affect your ability to remember things you already know.
  • Use the earplugs: This may sound like a strange one but earplugs help to drown out distracting noises.
  • Arrive early: Come to the testing center at least one half hour early to review the material.

Save yourself the time and trouble of having to retake the test by being well prepared. At Jim Montrym’s National MLO School we give you all the tools you’ll need to learn the materials and do well on the test. All you need is the dedication and the proper study habits and you will be sure to pass this required test.jim_montryms


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