Steps to Get Mortgage Loan Originator License

1) Create an account on NMLS Website: How individuals create an account in NMLS and receive their unique identifying number.

2) Register for NMLS Approved 20 Hour National Course
~Live Classroom (CLR)
~Classroom Equivalent (CEQ) – LIVE Webinar
~Online Instructor Led (OIL) – Video Instruction/electronic interaction with instructor – 2 Hour Florida Class is NOT included in this price – if getting licensed in FL you WILL BE REQUIRED to pay $69 for 2 hour FLORIDA Class

3) Register for State Specific Class

  1. Only 1 test for ALL states (National Exam with UST Component) See state test requirements
  2. 2 Hour Florida Class included when you purchase 20 Hour National class with us (Schedule FL 2 Hour Class) (MUST pay FULL PRICE $389.00 for Live Class or Webinar – NOT included in discounted / RETAKE or OIL class)
  3. We offer all other state specific courses through an affiliate company (EMAIL with states you want to obtain license in and we will email links for all that require state specific courses)

4) Pay for National Exam with Uniform State Test Component (UST) $110 paid to NMLS

5) Schedule National Exam on NMLS Website (Testing Center)

7) Pass National Exam (75%)

8) MU4 Form: Application (Complete and Submit on NMLS website)

9) Submit licensing fees (state specific and NMLS fees) on the NMLS website

10) Authorization and pay for Background and Credit Check on NMLS Website

11) Pay for Set appointment for electronic fingerprints through the NMLS website (Vendor will be Fieldprint)

12) Approximately 2-3 weeks for the state to respond to the application with decision or requirements for additional information


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